Andrea's Dream Babies

giving every mommy the chance to hold the baby of her dreams . . . forever.

My first 2 reborns

These are the first 2 reborn babies I ever made.  I used an old method of acrylic paints, so they did not turn out as realistic as my other babies.  My first baby was wigged, which obviously is not very realistic, and my second was given a pluggy rooting job.   I now use Genesis paint, which achieves a very realistic complexion, and I micro-root my babies, literally 1-2 hairs at a time.  There are many other improvements as well.  But these babies are still special to me because they were my first ones.


Emily Ann, the little girl that got me hopelessly hooked to reborning.


Kimberly Rose, my first attempt at rooting and making my own body









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