Andrea's Dream Babies

giving every mommy the chance to hold the baby of her dreams . . . forever.

Donation Ministries

Be a part of helping others by adopting a baby from 'Andrea's Dream Babies'.

 Out of the final cost of each baby, 15% is donated to various non-profit charity ministries.  It may be feeding the starving, clothing the naked, building a home for the homeless, protecting a real baby, or something else.  I will usually choose the ministry to donate to, but if you wish, when you adopt one of my babies, you can choose where you want the 15% to go to!  I ask that you give me a few choices of where you want the money to go, so that I can choose one at my own discretion.  

So, when you adopt a baby from 'Andrea's Dream Babies', you are not just buying a 'luxury' item.  You are also making a difference and helping the needy!


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