Arianna Arianna Arianna Here is my first Hispanic/Latina toddler! Please enjoy browsing her pictures 64142918 Hair Arianna's incredible rooting, just 1-2 hairs at a time. 64142917 Arianna Being cute 64142919 Closeup A closeup of Arianna's details 64142920 Hair Closeup of Arianna's rooting 64142922 Pretty girl Isn't she precious? 64142923 Sitting up Arianna can sit by herself 64142924 Princess See the little princess? 64142925 I love this outfit 64142926 Hispanic Arianna was given an authentic Hispanic skintone, curly black hair, and dark eyes. She fools everyone. 64142927 Another closeup See her amazing painting? 64142928 Arianna She is so cute 64142929 Bye-Bye Thank you for viewing Arianna! 64142921