Angelica Angelica Meet Angelica 131575298 Angelica's rooting 131575299 Face closeup 131575301 Ready to travel 131575302 All snuggled up 131575303 So cute 131575304 Pretty hands 131575305 With her bunny 131575306 Closeup 131575310 She is the perfect size to hold 131575316 This little girl has totally captured my heart 131575311 Rooting closeup 131575300 She is such a sweet sleeper 131575312 She fell asleep in her swing! 131575313 On Mommy's shoulder 131575317 I rooted fine baby hairs on her temple 131575314 I worked hard on her rooting to get it as good as possible 131575315 Angelica is a true dream baby 131575318 Thank you for visiting Angelica's album! 131575308