PrototypeTeddi PrototypeTeddi Teddi 112961876 Brand new from the hospital 112961877 Closeup 112961879 Teddi has a wonderfully sculpted belly plate 112961880 Isn't he cute? 112961881 Teddi was a true joy to do, I love this little guy. 112961882 Snuggled up 112961878 Teddi's hair 112961883 Closeup of his rooting 112961884 He even has little peach fuzz hairs around his hairline 112961885 Another closeup 112961886 Brand new baby 112961887 Cute little toes 112961888 Sitting for his portrait 112965419 In his cute onesie 112965522 All ready for bed 112965523 Thank you for viewing Teddi's album! 112965524